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How Do You Live With An Addict?

Living with an addicted person is complicated. It can be a daily drain on the family or the people who live with the addict. The appearance of problems and discussions are very common, almost daily. Therefore, it will generate a bad atmosphere at home. It is vital to ask for outside help to make this coexistence possible and to carry out addiction treatment. People who live with the addict must know how to deal with and communicate with the individual since there will be certain situations where you will have to act in one way or another. No one has been taught to cope with living with an addict, so the help of an experienced professional is very important.

How Is Living with An Addict?

This coexistence could be so problematic since the substance to which he is addicted becomes the center of his life. The family, partner, or friends with whom he lives take a back seat. As the addiction progresses, the individual stops caring for their family member. We can find several situations that are very common in a relative who lives with an addict. Those members who live with someone addicted feel lonely. All the family burdens fall on their shoulders and as they must take care of everything related to the family, without the help of the addict. The only thing the addict cares about is the drug. We can also find that the codependency of the family is a trait that most addicts display. Codependency is considered a disease suffered by the family. It consists of the complete surrender to make the addicted person well. Prioritize the addict before everything else.

The Interventionist

The family interventionist is a professional who may appear when the addict denies his illness and his addiction to the relatives. The family meets to talk about the addicted person and their specific problem. Behind every addict, there is a circle of people, who are affected by the addiction. In addition, in many cases, the family suffers as much as the addict suffers, but does not ask for help because it is difficult to understand that one is touched by someone else’s addiction.

Improving Your Relationship

If you want to have a better relationship with an addict, here are several things to consider:

  • Do not play the police, addiction is a very complex disease, and you cannot control its process
  • Avoid conversations about his behavior or life from before
  • Try not to watch movies that contain content about excess use of drugs
  • Change the channel on the television if the addict will see related images appear, whether in the news or movies
  • Remove from everyday use everything that carries advertising of a substance that may incite its use.
  • Don’t take their attacks personally
  • Avoid arguments
  • Change the furniture around, being in a different environment will make you feel better
  • Try not to give him money, as he will most likely end up buying the substance to which he is addicted

If necessary, entering a detox center will go a long way in overcoming your addiction.

How To Help An Addicted Family Member?

The most important thing about having an addicted family member is that all members of the family accept it, starting with the addict himself. Therefore, everyone will follow the same path with the same goal, ask for help, and overcome the disease. In this way, it will be possible to achieve it.

The family at all times is the main support of the addicted individual. They have to be there at all times. To offer better support, the family must be well informed about the addiction that their relative has. This will make it easier to put yourself in his shoes and understand him. It is very important that the family avoid possible stimuli that could compromise the addict.


Listening to the addict’s concerns is vital. He has to feel that he has support and can tell everything that goes through his head. Simply, sometimes, it is necessary to listen without interrupting, so that he can vent. In short, pay attention to it. Get more details by visiting