Mosy around any gym, and you’ll see some dudes lifting heavyweights they can’t even lift.

And a few questions come to mind.

Is he really getting anything out of those reps?

Is he just doing that to stroke his ego?

Should I train like that?

Some say yes, that partial reps, or repetitions where you only complete part of the movement, lead to superior gains in strength and size.

Others say that unless you take every single rep in your training through the full range of motion, you’re cheating. This pretty much sums up their view: “Your reps are partial and you should feel bad.”

The truth?

They’re both wrong, and you’re going to learn why in this podcast.

By the end of this episode, you’ll know the pros and cons of a partial and full range of motion reps, how each affects muscle growth, and when you should and shouldn’t use both in your training.

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3:12 – What is a partial rep? 

6:02 – Why do people do partial reps? 

7:20 – Do partial reps make sense? 

18:01 – How do you program in partial reps? 

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