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How You Can Properly Prepare Yourself for Gallstone Surgery

If you have been diagnosed with gallstones and are recommended for gallstone surgery, otherwise known as a cholecystectomy, this means that your gallbladder will be removed. You can undergo either open surgery or keyhole or laparoscopic surgery, but keyhole surgery will be less invasive than the former simply because a laparoscope is used and inserted into a small cut in your abdomen. Once your gallbladder is removed, your problems with gallstones will be obliterated – and even without a gallbladder, your body can still digest the food you eat, and the procedure is often a standard one as well. But it pays to be well aware of what you should do prior to your surgery, so you are fully prepared – not just physically but mentally as well. Here, then, is how you can properly prepare yourself for gallstone surgery.

Prior to your surgery

Prior to your gallstone surgery, you will have an appointment to screen you and assess your condition and see whether or not you are in good condition for surgery, as an experienced gallstone surgeon in London from The London Surgical Group confirms. During this time, you will be asked for details regarding your medical history and any current medicines you are taking, and you are also asked about whether you can make arrangements for home care once you are discharged after your operation. This would include care from a relative, friend, or professional care worker.

At this time, it is definitely recommended that you ask whatever questions you may have about the procedure. Don’t be afraid to air your concerns. You will also be provided with specific instructions regarding preparing for surgery, such as taking a shower or bath prior to going to the hospital, drinking and eating, and taking (or pausing) your medication when necessary. You will also be given instructions regarding when you may be able to return to work.

On admission day

After the assessment, you will be given a date and schedule for your operation, and on admission day, you should bring whatever medication you are taking (in the original container, if possible) along with a list that can be provided by your physician. You should also bring slippers, a dressing gown, and a small bag which contains your toiletries; this is in case you need to stay overnight.

Make sure you provide the clinic or hospital with a telephone number of your contact person for your ride home, as advised by the gallstone surgery London experts from The London Surgical Group as well. If you want, you can bring a book, magazine, or something you can read or something you can occupy your time with while waiting for your schedule. You should avoid bringing valuables or wearing jewellery on the day of your surgery, and remove any fake nails or nail varnish as well. Apart from this, avoid wearing any lipstick or makeup.

You should have a shower or bath prior to going to the hospital, and you may be advised not to eat anything from 2 in the morning onwards until your surgery. You may, however, drink clear liquids or fluids until 6 in the morning on the day of the operation. Avoid liquids like orange juice or milk; it’s best to stick to black coffee or tea. If you have contact lenses, you should remove them as well.


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