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Employees Deserve Guaranteed Paid Sick Leave

It’s unfortunate that we’re still debating about giving employees guaranteed paid sick leave. It should be a right given to all employees. Employers try to reduce their expenses by denying employees paid sick leave. It’s a sign of corporate greed, and it needs to change.

Employees should stay home if they’re sick

One of the reasons this pandemic became difficult to contain was that several employees kept working in the office even if they were sick. Considering how poor the ventilation is in most offices, it’s easy for the virus to spread. The problem is that employees are afraid to lose their income source. They would rather go to work even if they’re sick than to mess with the amount needed to provide for their family. When there’s guaranteed paid sick leave, employees will think not only of themselves but the welfare of fellow employees.

Offices could shut down

When someone at work gets sick, everyone else might get affected. It’s even possible for the entire operation to cease because of the continued spread of the illness. Instead of earning more money, companies can lose more through closure. Therefore, if employers think about a more practical standpoint, offering guaranteed paid leave is the way to go. Besides, when employees get sick, they can’t focus on their work. They can’t even manage to continue working from home.

Employees have other roles

Some employers think of their employees as robots who can do whatever they want. The truth is that they also have other roles to play. Most employees are parents, and if they get sick, they can’t do their parental job well. It will harm the entire family dynamics. If employees can stay home and recover, they will eventually get back on their feet and be great parents again.

Some illnesses are a result of their job

Not all work environments are healthy. It can be toxic for some employees. They might feel stressed because of their workload or dealing with colleagues. It could also be due to the number of hours spent finishing their tasks. If employers can’t adjust the job description, they should at least guarantee paid sick leave if employees get sick. Sitting in front of a computer or using mobile devices for several hours a day is also unhealthy. However, employees have no choice since they use these gadgets for work. If you’re one of them, the best thing you can do is wear an EMF protective device. It allows you to stay protected against radiation produced by your phone and laptop. If you can stop using these devices, you can at least protect yourself. You can check it out at

Hopefully, we will finally end the debate about offering employees guaranteed sick leave. Employers should start thinking of their employees as human beings who deserve rights, not machines. They shouldn’t have to make a difficult decision between recovering from an illness and earning money for the family.