How To Include More Veggies In Little (And Big) Kid’s Diets

Getting kids to eat vegetables is one of the hardest battles ever! Very often you would notice that the efforts that you take to nourish your kids, end up in areas like the flower pot or an unused cupboard. The more you try to introduce vegetables and fruits in their diet, the more they try to dodge them. So, where exactly do we find a balance? To make your kids love those veggies find these simple tips and trick that can help them with some little conscious efforts from your end.

•    Mix vegetables into their favorite meal, but make sure that it’s not too conspicuous initially. Grated carrot and chopped bell peppers in smaller portions in pizzas or mashed potatoes will do the trick.

•    Give a salad that looks colorful with a dressing of mayonnaise or a dash of fresh cream when they are hungry.  Make sure that they eat the veggies first before munching on any other snack.

•    Presenting veggies regularly in variety can help. Crispy and crunchy vegetables with a serving of cheese can attract a picky eater.

•    Consistency is the key. If your child rejects a food, try giving it in different forms – go in for warm, cold, frozen, sautéed versions to get them to eat veggies.

•    Let your child choose the vegetable of his or her choice. Take them along with and give them accountability for making their choice. It would get them involved in eating it as well.

•    Do allow them to take part in cooking. Let them explore the joy of cooking. They would surely start developing a positive attitude towards eating as well.

•    Conceal the presence of your vegetables wisely – add some turnip or celery to a soup. Your child is more likely to eat the vegetable flavored in the soup. Straining the soup is also a good option.

•    For toddlers especially, engage them with toys like doodlebuckets when they eat.