How Stress Can Mess with Your Workouts

If you notice, all psychologists recommend exercise as a means to destress but what many of us are not aware of is that mental stress can actually affect your physical fitness routine. Research has found that the same area of the brain is used to deal with both physical and mental exhaustion. As a result, when you are mentally stressed the best-laid fitness regime will fail to deliver optimal results.

We have listed a few ways in which stress affects your workout.

  1. Working memory gets affected: This is basically the part where thinking, evaluating happens in the brain. When suffering from chronic stress the working memory gets affected making it difficult to even perform routine exercises difficult.
  2. Concentration dips: stress sabotages your concentration and affects cognition and perception.
  3. Motor coordination impaired: Stress leads to tense muscles which prevent you from performing at your optimal level and the chances of injury are also high.
  4. Eyesight affected: Constant stress keeps your adrenaline high and this builds pressure in the eyes leading to eye strain and even blurring of vision. This also leads to headaches as all the muscles in the face tense.
  5. Recovery is slow: So, what happens when you exercise during stress is that the resources needed to deal with physical stress end up coping with mental stress, as a result, your recovery becomes slow. Since all cellular activities are controlled by the brain, when it is dealing with mental stress its ability to focus on the physical level is limited and therefore recovery rates fall.
  6. Do not gain optimal benefits from exercise: In the normal course, with regular exercise, your body must become stronger and fitter but when you are dealing with constant stress the body is not functioning at 100% and hence the benefits to are limited.

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