5 Tips to Help Kids Sleep Better and Longer

Sleeping trouble is not just for adults, kids too have trouble in getting sleep. Bedtime will be a battle when the little ones don’t stick to the clock. Below mentioned are a few ways one could put the kids to sleep on time so that they get the adequate rest.

 Set up a bedtime- School going child needs to sleep at least between 9 to 11 hours every night.  If you are able to set up a pattern, most of the kids will stick to it, no matter what the situation is. For instance, an early riser tends to wake up at exactly the same time even if someday they go to sleep late. You should be able to know about the sleep requirement of your child so that they will wake up refreshed.

Turn off the television at least two hours before the bedtime- There are various studies which show that the light emitted from the television screen, computer monitor or phone will interfere in the hormone production known as melatonin.  When the levels of melatonin are high, the kids will be sleepy.

Keep the right temperature- The kid’s sleep cycle is also dependent on the temperature of the room. Don’t bundle up the child with too much clothing or set the temperature high as a cool room is ideal for promoting better sleep.

Create an ideal environment for sleep- Even though stuffed animals will help in getting the child to sleep, too many soft toys could make it harder. Room-darkening shades, soft sheet, the quiet environment will help the child in falling asleep faster. Check out StarWalk Kids to know about the ideal toys for bedtime.

Reduce stress before the sleep time- When the stress hormone called as cortisol is high, the kid’s body will not be ready for sleep.  Keep all the activities before bedtime calm and it will help in avoiding the excess production of cortisol. …

Here’s What Your Handbag Says About Your Personality

People like to assess the personality of others by zodiac sign, what they do, what they wear and so on.  And by looking at the handbag you carry, you could easily assess other’s personality.  The handbag bag speaks quite a lot about who the person actually is.

Women love their bags and are always filling up the closet with the new ones. You could check out Luxtime to pick a bag of that suit your personality. Below mentioned are the traits that are associated with different bags.

Tote bags- The ladies who prefer tote bags are opinionated and are a goal-setter.  You will be juggling a lot in your day-to-day life and this bag will fit everything you need.  You are considered as an organizer who is not scared to take up the new initiative and stand firmly on their beliefs.

Hobo bag- The girls who carry hobo bag are generally chilled out girls who require a carefree bag that matches their free-spirited lifestyle.  Also, it depicts women who are confident and got aspiration.

Clutch- The girls who love clutch know exactly what they need and plans ahead. Hence they can carry along a bag that is clutter-free and small. They will love to wear skirts, flirty dresses, and high heels and it does not matter you are going to work or going to a party.

Back-pack- If you love to travel the world, it is guaranteed that you will definitely love the backpack. Style and comfort will be your mantra.  They love new experiences and will be always in a lookout for adventure. Cross-body bag- This bag is chosen by women who are conscious of the modern style and who is a practical girl. They will not be need anything much to carry around as they would be wearing exactly what they need. …